Hi there, we are Cavalry 🤠

Hi there, we are Cavalry 🤠

Yes, this really is our website 😎


We are investing in companies that are on the path forward to effect positive change.

Some of the companies we are fortunate to be working with

Why walk, when you can ride?

We created the early-stage venture fund we wish had existed when we started our first companies. What we bring to the table:

  • Considerable company building experience (zero to IPO, plenty of failures)
  • A massive network of engaged supporters (Cavalry is backed by 150+ well-connected individuals)
  • A very strong track record with an 80%+ Series A follow-on quota by the world’s top funds

We keep things simple. We are upfront and no bullshit. We won't ruin your life with months of unnecessary due diligence. We won't renegotiate and grind you on terms. We are long term.

Interested in working with us?


Rather than focusing on a particular vertical, we focus on a specific stage, which is the “as early as it makes sense for the company” stage. We invest early, often pre-product and pre-revenue.

What we are particularly looking for

  • Outstanding founding team with founder/market fit
  • Big vision to build a substantial company in a large market
  • Ability to build an amazing product

Our investment focus

  • We invest in software businesses across Europe
  • We like to lead financing rounds and leave room open to complement the rounds with great angels
  • Initial investment between 500k and 1.5m EUR with some flexibility
  • We do priced rounds and convertibles
  • We are interested in consumer as well as enterprise

Who we are

We are always looking for amazing colleagues:

For press inquiries please contact Lena Ostrovskih (press@cavalry.vc).

A look back at our history: